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My Grace is Sufficient


This book describes a real life journey through suffering, illness, and growth in knowledge of the power of God to heal and restore.


Isaiah 30 verse 8."At a time in which quick fixes are the norm, immediate results are expected, and patience is rarely seen for what it is as a virtue, it may be very difficult to appreciate the significance of a long and hard journey like the one that Linda describes. In her candour she does not hide failures and regressions, despairs and defeats. To the same extent she does not attempt to exaggerate (nor does she minimise) her gifts of faith and hope, nor her sincere amazement at the innumerable manifestations of God's grace that have accompanied her in her journey so far. This is what makes the journal of her spiritual travel so fascinating and inspiring.

"Paul surprises us when, in Romans 5:1–3, he equates the exultation of the certainty of salvation in Christ with exultation in our tribulations. In a sense it is what Linda has experienced and describes. Her faith was tested and her hope in the glory of God became unshakable. However, she did not try to sweep away the harsh reality of her sufferings, but she faced them, until step by step she finally appropriated the healing that God promised. At the end of the journey, one may be certain that she will look back and recognise how grace worked all the way through, never failing, never fading away, never missing any opportunity to be manifested through tangible signs, like the prophecies, dreams and visions that God used to sustain Linda”………

(From  Foreword written by Giancarlo Elia, Light to the Nations Ministries)

This is the story of how I struggled for many years with ME (otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).


“I was taken to the depths of despair, and many times I was tempted to give up.  With little hope of full recovery, it seemed to me that I had two choices.  I could either look at myself as a statistic, with little hope of recovery, or I could try to discover what had caused my illness and what was stopping me from recovering.  At my lowest point I cried out to God.  Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing way in which he would intervene in my situation”


I believe that God wants to speak through my experience of healing to reach the many people who are struggling with this much misunderstood condition. This is what I sense God wants to say to anyone struggling to overcome this devastating and debilitating illness:


'There are so many hurting souls out there; there is so much despair. So many of them look to the wrong place for their help and hope. If only they would turn to me and let me guide them. How I long to hold them, to comfort them in their distress. How I long to heal and free them, each and every one of them. I so want to take their pain away, to take away all their burdens. Reach out to the hurting ones; show them that there is another way, a way of forgiveness and grace, a way of joy and peace, a way of salvation. I have so much for each and every one of them; all they have to do is come to me and ask. I will guide them and I will heal them, if they would only turn to me, turn to my ways. There is so much anger, so much un-forgiveness and so much pain. But my way is a way of love, love that overflows and spills out when people turn to me. How I long to help these people; how I long to be their friend, their way out.'




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