HealingMe, to give hope and inspiration to sufferers of ME/CFS, and for anyone looking for emotional or physical healing in their lives



'I was very moved while I was reading Linda's book.  It is a story of faith and will inspire everyone who hopes in Christ to receive his own healing'...


G., Surrey


Linda's account of her experience of ME, healing and faith in God is one of honesty, hope and encouragement. She tells of the many struggles and heartache ME brings but never gives up on the hope of recovery and also shares how her faith strongly influences her life.
As someone suffering from ME myself, it comforted me but also encouraged me not to give up!


Fiona, Scotland 


'Having been through the M.E. experience myself, I truly related to so much in this book, it is a real gem of insight and will be a great help to a great many people (especially Christians) who are struggling with ill health'.




'It is a real treasure and there is much in it that I can relate to'...


Judi M


'Linda Palmer writes of her struggles with M.E. and overcoming chronic
illness. She discusses what she has learnt from her experience, including
the support of God in sustaining and healing her over the years'. 


Interaction magazine – Action for M.E.



'The book contains some interesting accounts of her healing sessions'...

There is a useful section, told in a friendly way, about practical ways to live with M.E.


M.E. Association